Slap Running

i ran the most i’ve ever run on monday. 4.5 miles.

i think i’ve figured out what will not make me want to poke my eyes out in sheer boredom while running. Running around a lake. running around a lake large enough that i don’t have to loop around it a bajillion times to hit target distance. this particular lake was 1.5 miles around so twice would’ve given me, give or take, the 5K distance. i ran it 3 times, because i am training for a 1/4 marathon relay.

that’s besides the point.

just as i was finishing my 2nd loop i got slapped. on the ass. by a kid on a bike.

it quite literally struck me dumb. i saw this gaggle of kids on their bike, doing wheelies and basically being a nuisance on the running and bike trail. i watched them do a wide circle around me as i ran. their ages ranged anywhere from 10 to 13 years old. i figured they were just showing off, i ignored them. but when the slap came i couldn’t very well ignore them anymore.

the kid who tapped my ass rode off as fast as he could. i stopped, took off my ear set. he kinda circled back to see what i would do and when he was closer i told him his behavior was immature and set a bad example to the younger kids in his group, that that kind of antic could one day get him hurt. some of his group went along with me, saying “you don’t do that to a lady!” while others high fived him and gave him praise. the apparent leader of the group asked me if i was ok and then herded the kids off. they left the park shortly after.

i’ll be honest, i was shaken. i didn’t necessarily feel threatened, they’re children but there was enough of them that should their frame of mind been different, there could’ve been some crazy trouble. i was also slightly annoyed that the people who witnessed the incident did nothing. they kept running, walking or biking. i get it. people mind their own business. it’s just disappointing.

$5wordGuy* and i had run in opposite directions but after that incident, when i met with him again on the trail, i had him run with me. tho my pace is decidedly slower than his, he held himself back, sometimes moving ahead but always running back to me. i will run this lake again, but will time it more carefully to mornings on weekends, when these kids aren’t awake yet.


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