My Love Affair with Young Adult Fiction

to be clear, i’m 33. i’ll be 34 in december. sometimes i feel my age but i rarely act it. Dirty South has said numerous times how incredibly childish i am, even going so far as to say i’m like a 15 year old BOY with the things that i say and think.

i mentioned before, i enjoy the smut novels but surprising, in the last few years, young adult lit is making a strong run for what keeps my attention. (sci-fi is also a contender…) i blame Twilight. it’s drivel, i want to punch the writer in the face for her lack of writing skills, tho really, the blame goes to her editor. to be fair, the story obviously hits a chord and the publishing house clearly saw that. doesn’t excuse the shit that Twilight is tho. ANYWAY. i still ate that shit up, forgiving the awful writing and let the teen romance sweep over my heart (don’t judge me, i was SINGLE at the time. you don’t know me!) this started a trend. i won’t go into every single YA book i read, just a few that sticks out. sites like amazon and goodreads, they recommend books to you based on your reading profile, plus, i started following people on twitter who also read the same things i did.

Looking for Alaska by John Green was not revolutionary but had i read it in high school, it would’ve blown me away. (gawd i sound so pretentious and jaded)

the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. young adult or kiddie lit? whatever. still really good.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. this particular series fell into key categories for me: strong chick. dystopian. action. romance. i finished all three books in a long weekend.

I am Number Four and just recently, the Power of Six by Pittacus Lore. i hate that the series is not yet done, it’s only two books in, the latest one released just a few weeks ago. i dislike waiting, that’s why i didn’t pick up harry potter until all 7 books had been published.

these books take me back to the Lord of the Flies, the Girl Who Owned a City, the Outsiders, the Chocolate War, Jacob Have I Loved, Forever, Are You There God It’s Me Margaret. now my wish list queue is four pages of dystopian and/or young adult books, and if only i had the friggin time and money to read all of them, i would.

for the time being, i’m putting down my kindle and picking up an actual book. i am determined to finish the Clan of the Cave Bear before resuming my love affair with death & doom & teenagers.


2 responses to “My Love Affair with Young Adult Fiction

  1. Do you love how I reply to your comments by commenting on one of your recent posts? Yeah, I’ve added you to my blog list because I like your brand of humor, hellavafunny (not a word, I know!). I too love YA and I’m much older than your younger self. Shiz, I have a daughter in college! But still, age doesn’t stop me from doing anything I want to do. I will email you my fanfic list, most of which you probably have read since we have that Twilight thang. Don’t even get me started on The Hunger Games. The title alone is a bit suggestive, yeah? Oh, I must add, I shamelessly fell for those Twi books, but the ONLY reason the movies made money is because of that fookin’ hot British dude, who I would watch doing nothing. End of confession. Speaking of hot, I hope you track down Nathanson at those upcoming shows. He’s the most huggable so don’t disappoint me by getting all SHY when you get the chance. I want deets.

  2. OH, one more thing … my current fb status: reading Looking for Alaska. John Green’s youtube videos crack. me. up. The book is amazing … Lan says so.

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