even tho it was a short week, it still managed to feel like a long one. don’t you hate that? i’ve plans for a free concert festival tomorrow and then a bridal shower brunch sunday. i might make these to dip into some hot chocolate pudding (made with almond milk, of course). wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, do it well.

the rains have been biblical this week. this happened in Ellicott City, which is just south of baltimore.

some people are such assclowns.

i discovered this blog yesterday and i’ve been chortling since as i catch up on the posts. oh boys are so entertaining.

so i balance it out by reading touching adoption blogs.

last month i spent days listening to maroon5 and train in preparation for their show at merriweather. they surprised me. adam levine sure does know how to strut.

this month? tho i’ve been on a country kick, i’ve my ears set for matt nathanson for his shows at the 930 club and in philly. excitement rising!

have a loverly weekend.


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