when $5wordGuy* and i first started dating, we ate out often. i wasn’t yet ready to prepare a meal for him and i didn’t want him to cook for me all the time. didn’t seem fair, you know? one evening at my favorite vietnamese restaurant i noticed that he and i were not the only couple in the dining room. this place maybe holds about eight tables at a time, it’s that small. we were tucked in a corner, his back was to the room and i had a clear view for people watching. i enjoy giving a running commentary on the goings on. one of the things i love is spotting first dates or early couple-dom. it’s just fun.

i watched a couple for awhile, specifically the girl. she was being very careful with her bowl of pho, making sure not to splatter, slurping quietly, that kinda thing. personally, i believe if you’re going to chow on this noodle soup, go at it like champ. have your condiments ready, add your herbs, use your chopsticks AND soup spoon together. none of that dainty stuff. pho is not a dainty dish. i asked $5wordGuy* what he thought the guy was thinking about this girl eating like a pho newbie. bless his heart, he is so sweet, he murmured something nice i’m sure. me? not so much. i said something along the lines that this girl probably sucks in bed if she’s so timid with her noodles. (what? i’m sorry, i know it was snarky but whatever. it’s PHO!)

he posed a question to me: “What do you think people think when they see us together here?”

without hesitation, i answer: “that girl’s definitely given him head.”


2 responses to “head

  1. hahaha! hysterical! uhm, some dipshit took me out for Pho on a date and yeah, I don’t suck in bed (from what I recal) but hell if I knew how to eat that stuff without having it end up all over the place. 🙂

  2. OMFG. I’m hungry now.

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