Parenthood – Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby…

i’m going to go on a slight tangent/subject/possible new blog “thing” and talk about one of my favorite shows. i might get tired after doing it once or it might become a weekly thing, i don’t know.

my current fave show is Parenthood. i discovered it a season late, which caused me to hole up in my condo for a weekend cramming in first season episodes to catch up. and from that moment on, every single week i would expound on my facebook page and twitter feed how fucking amazing this show was – how real, raw and annoying. i liked the family dynamics, parents, their kids and their kids’ kids. and everyone is screwed up. everyone has a quirk about them that is both refreshing AND infuriating. it’s a wonder to me that as angry as i get sometimes at these characters i return every week, which is a credit to the writers and to the actors.

last night was the 2nd episode of season 3. for the rest of the “review” i will write in random bullet proof form as i have no time to be witty or complete today.

Braverman & Braverman – the idea of the serious adam and jackass immature Crosby going into business together is hilarious and foreshadowing of dramatic shenanigans. the plausibility of the responsible older sibling not taking the sure-thing job offer (as soul crushing as the prospect seems…) is so slim, and yet, it appears to be happening and i like it.

Haddie’s hair – haddie’s hair stylist needs to be fired.

Julia bust out adoption options to coffee girl – i go back & forth with my dislike for julia. sometimes her control-freak nature is endearing and other times it’s enough to make me swear at the tv. her desire to have another baby breaks my heart and now that she is focused on adoption instead, the way she handled asking the coffee girl for her unborn child that was giving up for adoption anyway was so spot on HER that i actually felt for her, despite completely agreeing with the coffee girl’s reaction.

Zeek is awesome – in previous seasons he was maddening with his obtuse and narrow-mindedness but he is likable. and when he brought breakfast in bed to sarah’s room the morning after her boom-boom session with the hot English teacher i spent a good 5minutes laughing.

Sarah being a jackass – she is my least favorite character. i hate her as a mother and as a person. my dislike for her is intense. i don’t think there is a redeeming quality about her. other than the fact that her kids are kick ass.

Kristina Braverman is at her annoyingly best when she is stressed out about her son Max who has Asperger’s syndrome, it’s stifling how in your face she can be and yet i can’t help but think that it’s all so real and realistic, and forgivable when you get to the heart of her stress.

that’s all i gots for now.


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