i have been around. i have been running. i have been watching my trash tv. i have been holding hands, dodging raindrops, catching sunlight. i have been daydreaming of layered cakes, strawberry frosting and chocolate ganache. i have also been celebrating…

not Rosh Hashanah (tho, L’Shana Tova u’Metuka. May 5772 be a year of Peace, Health and Happiness for All.)

no. i’ve been celebrating National Matt Nathanson Week.

fake ass nuptuals in the park.

yeah. i finally met him. and i am on my way to philly to see him for the 2nd time this week at the Electric Factory.


One response to “celebrate

  1. The photo is fookintastic. But… where’s the REAL photo? You’ve met him so I know you have one {secretly stashed under your pillow? It’s ok, BTDT}. I saw him again a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t get to greet Matt properly because the MerchNazi BLOCKED us, but I was front row center with a couple of friends during the show and I took some glorious, embarrassingly shameless crotch-level photos of Matty Nay. As my friend Jenn put it, “I felt honored to witness his GIFT so closely.” You should join me in twitter @2Rtist Lots of Matty goodness there!

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