Parenthood – Nora

it was a quieter episode but still garnered guffaws from myself & $5wordGuy*.

Captain Morgan – oh jason ritter. that facial hair mess is hilarious.
Drumming up business for the dr – i will say that crosby makes an excellent point in that should something happen to Jabar, it would be hella weird to call up his baby mama’s boyfriend.
Amber finally getting max’s condition – that breakthrough in Amber’s demeanor when Max can’t tell the difference between which apology was real was genius on the part of both actors.
“it’s kinda dim sum” – adam trying to go hip was hilarious.

i seriously love this show. i’m leaving parts out, like Julia & Joe playing hosts to the knocked up coffee girl or the newest braverman being born or John Corbett’s drunk return but those were the things that stood out the most for me.


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