my relay race is tomorrow and i did not run at all this week. my back is hurting. i woke up Monday morning with a sore lower back, i must’ve slept funny or on something. i’ve gone to bikram yoga everyday this week to stretch and it relieves the tention temporarily. i am concerned. very concerned. the longest distance i’ve ever run is 7.25 miles ONCE and tho my leg is 7 miles, i just don’t know how i’ll manage. i don’t want to let my team down but i also don’t want to harm myself. i won’t do anything my body doesn’t want to do but i won’t quit either.

it has been such a stressful week, with work, worrying about my back and this race coming up, i actually bawled during a bikram class. thank gawd i was already a sweaty mess. last night i thought i was going to go off on $5wordGuy* for not cleaning the kitchen, it’s been a disaster area since Saturday. but then he pulled out a package with a homemade card for me and i just melted. he bought me matching 8″ round cake pans, along with a few other baking knick knacks. there was no way i could be annoyed after that.

tonight i intend to indulge in a bit of lamb methi & naan, spend an hour on stretching and then a good night’s sleep. i might treat myself to a new running shirt as it looks to be quite cool & windy tomorrow. i’ll make sure $5wordGuy* wakes up early to get a bite to eat, stretch some more & then we’ll be on our way.

in the meantime, a few random things i came across this week on the internet & my new obsession: pinterest.

Barbie & Ken’s Big Day! notice how she only feeds her guests fruit for the meal? now we know the secret to her skinny success.

i swoon when i look at this picture.

some people can pull off red + pink. i’m not one of those people. this girl is tho.

this is interesting.

there are apples in my future as i’ll be picking some with my darling love on sunday. until next time, whereby i discuss my run or completely ignore it, have a good weekend friends.


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