Parenthood ~ Tales from the Lucheonette

i really need to take notes while i watch this amazing show.

this episode did not garner that many laughs from either myself or $5wordGuy*. it did, however, garnered a discussion on the division of child rearing responsibilities between parents.

we get to see, again, two different business styles between adam & crosby. both have merits but don’t necessarily mesh well. i get adam, he is customer service oriented, whatever the customer wants, he’ll get for them, regardless of how impossible it is. Crosby is more familiar with what the limitations are, is more cautious, and surprise of all, seems afraid of failure and the repercussions of what would happen should they not be ready for a big client. watching the two of them fight, as always, is interesting, both experts in their respective fields and both trying to be experts at working together.

zeek is a good man. he has good intentions. he makes valid points in everything. it’s his delivery that sucks. when sarah told her parents about seth’s decision to go to rehab, he {correctly} accused her of financing it, which would be by extension him financing it.. feelings hurt, tantrums thrown, sarah leaves in a huff. he strikes again during a conversation he & camille have with julia & joel about their adopting the coffee girl’s unborn baby. he makes good arguments about not knowing anything about the baby’s mother, health-wise, about the logistics of doing something like this without an agency to handle the details. they are valid points. but they are not welcomed during what is supposed to be a joyous announcement from their youngest daughter. i am torn about how i feel about this. he has their best interests at heart, he would not be a good father if he did not voice his opinions worries. but as someone who has a father who is notorious for bursting her bubble, sometimes a hug and simple congratulations are enough.

zeek’s storyline comes full circle during a much smaller family dinner with julia, joel and sarah. joel made a sincere comment to sarah about helping during dinner, an honest mistake (tho, maybe inappropriate due to the occasion?) and zeek flips his shit. sarah is left floundering but joel speaks up. he is respectful. he is direct. he is assertive. he is right. and gawd have mercy, he is HOT.

kristina was also at the family dinner but conked out. the poor woman has been running on low fuel, what with having a newborn baby, an absent husband while attempting to maintain a functioning household. (where the hell was max in this episode?) this storyline is fascinating to me. i grew up in an environment where i never saw a male figure help in household duties or child rearing. none. i’ve said it before, intellectually, i get that it’s supposed to be a shared partnership between a couple but i still find it a hard concept to witness. furthermore, i was raised to be the extension to the mother, to help in the house and child caring when she couldn’t. the behavior & actions i saw from haddie was difficult for me to watch without screaming at the tv. she is of an age AND brain capacity to see that her mother was tired, could not keep the house running as smoothly as usual and she did not help. so. seeing this dynamic caused a war inside of me. adam should’ve been there to help kristina, but then again, it’s so normal to me AND he was working his ass off. older siblings should not be held responsible for caring for their baby siblings, but then again, it’s what i was raised to do, and to not see it in action when it’s so obvious that it’s needed is frustrating.

the smaller storyline between amber & drew was sweet. i am so glad that even tho she’s moved out, she is still participating in the hoopla. drew’s inability to kiss a girl was endearing. their father, seth, however, annoying. this storyline angered me. i get it. he has a sickness, an addiction and he is the father of sarah’s children. because of that, and maybe because she loved him at one time, she wants to save him. still. this is heartbreaking. because she is a grown ass woman who has made enough mistakes in her life to know that this is a mistake that has proven to not be fixable. i know i say this from the comfortable perspective of never having been in that deep of a situation and from the smug realization that i got out before the tough got too shitty. i worry that seth will weasel his way back into sarah’s heart, only to break it (along with amber’s and drew’s) and force captain morgan out of the way.

whatever happens, it’s real (well, except maybe the adopting coffee girl’s baby), the emotions are raw, the characters are on point and the actors are amazing.

Parenthood returns in two weeks. i don’t know what’s going on next week but i’m annoyed.


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