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Parenthood ~ Missing

there were a lot of things that was about last night’s episode of Parenthood. but collectively it was all right.

crosby really showed a sensitive, grown up side when he let jasmine go. he advised her to not tell Dr. Joe about their indiscretion. right or wrong, his intentions are sincere. $5 says that it’ll make jasmine hot for him again.

marc & sarah are adorable. that is all.

julia standing firm with the now annoying pregnant zoe was spot on. where is the fiesty coffee break girl from early in the season? she is gone, in her place is a whiny girl who listens to her jerk boyfriend who knocked her up & is now trying to pull illegal shit on a lawyer. i mean, really?

i have mixed feelings about kristina going back to work. the first 10 years of my life was spent with my grandparents who both worked. i stayed with random shady neighborhood people or after school care. FF to middle school when i lived with peter & his wife. his wife who did not work. who stayed home with the kids. who continues to stay home, even tho said kids are now in college. i am not judging. i swear i am not (well, maybe now i am, since she is not doing much. she could use a hobby…). i see the value in having a stay at home mom. i know what is it like to be stuck in some form of childcare, and i also know what it is like to come home to a parent. from an independent woman standpoint, i understand that going to work not only provides added income but brain stimulation for the woman. being stuck in the a house with a child/infant/baby is hard work, sometimes thankless and 24/7. from the perspective of someone who was cared for either by a negligent neighbor or in an overcrowded under the table daycare, having a non working parent is ideal.

all that to say, kristina going back to work is fine. kristina going full force into it not so fine. she shows up for a simple meeting to confirm her start date of MONDAY but somehow is bullied into working a meeting on SATURDAY. this particular development is what threw a wrench into the main plot of the episode: Max. plans had been set to take max to the museum. these plans change to adam taking him but because adam was not aware that kristina was in fact starting on saturday rather than monday as previously discussed, he agreed to show a perspective client the Luncheonette studio. who’s right? who’s wrong. doesn’t matter. Asperger kid is spazzing out. they don’t have a babysitter for him. naturally they turn to haddie who in typical teen form resists (btw, who the hell studies on saturdays?). i liked the way kristina handled it (bribing vs. command). it was unfair to haddie but you know what, there’s sunday to do her big project.

basically, max is upset, he wants to go to the museum. while haddie is on her fancy mac book he slips out & goes.

i will say the way his bus ride and interactions with the public was depicted, i was fearful for him. however, when he was found and brought home, the way adam & kristina tiptoed around him was deplorable. haddie had to tell him what was up, not that it did any good.

lastly, they need to get rid of rachel. she is a vague portrayal, a wispy, silly character.


Parenthood – Mr. Honesty

i know, i’m late. i’m running in circles right now… recovering from being on the road all month (i have decreed the month of December as a no travel month, as well as a no-plans-no-matter-what-despite-birthdays-and-holidays month, fuck you & your madre. leave me alone.)

i could go back into my archives to figure out if i reviewed the episode before but i probably didn’t and i don’t care.

all i know is last week’s episode where adam tells kristina about his rainy kiss with rachel the receptionist spawned a long-winded discussion with $5wordGuy*, resulting in me screaming out: “am i right OR AM I RIGHT?!”

i like adam braverman. i get why rachel digs him. he’s an upstanding guy, older, mature, handsome, all that stuff and more. he is a nice guy, someone who is easy to talk to, someone you can rely on. this is why his siblings and parents go to him to talk, he is usually the voice of reason, which is why it is mix ludicrous and believable that only shit like what happened last night could happen to him, and only to him.

for the record, i was on the team for adam to NOT tell kristina about the kiss. it meant nothing, nothing happened from it. no harm, no foul. but once he told her, i supported him. (that sounded weird, you know what i mean). he felt the need to be honest with her, to not hide anything. fine. the way she reacted was so real, (perfect performance by monica potter) and their interaction so palpable that i felt uncomfortable watching. he was a bubbling mess, tripping over his words to get his side of the story out, and she, with her emotions all over the place, her hurt, her anger all just coming out. i can only imagine what was going on in her head.

that relationship wasn’t the only drama. julia and joel effectively lose the chance on whats her face’s baby because the baby daddy wants money. it’s not enough that they’re covering her medical bills, because it’s not enough for him. the way they handled it was correct, and i am so glad they weren’t going to go the buying-a-child route.

i still can’t stand jasmine and just cus she & crosby shared sexy time after a single glass of red wine doesn’t mean anything. it just means that this week one of them, or both, will feel remorse and confused.

i also cannot stand sarah but the way she tried to school amber on budgeting was on point. she was actually being a mother.

Louisville, KY

the guy in the headlock won.

5K by the river

i just spent 4 days in Louisville, KY. two main things i did was attend a wrestling match. it’s where people go to get practice before they do wwf/wwe. it’s also where people go on a blustery wednesday night to witness grown men in tights pretend to hit each other. it was fantastic.

i also ran a 5K. $5wordGuy* and i happened to see a sign for a half marathon and tho we could not sign up for it, we decided to do the 5K instead. he ran his best PR at 24:something and i was my usual 12 minute mile girl and finished at 36:something.

in other news, i signed up for my first half marathon. Training in Full Effect.

sweet november

we managed to get away on saturday for some twilight-hour walking thru a botanical garden. it was hush, cold and exactly what we needed before a month of road trips and holiday gathering.

all photos are SOOC and shot with Nikon d3100

Longwood Gardens
1001 Longwood Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Parenthood: Forced Family Fun

Parenthood is perplexing for me. the characters that are portrayed are nothing like what i know of a family unit. they are everything that i always assumed white people were like behind closed doors tho. what’s confusing is that i find myself identifying with some and being absolutely infuriated by others.

moral of the story: people of every color are jacked and families are crazy.

last night’s episode once again highlighted how utterly different i was raised.

the main braverman household: Zeek attempted once again to talk to sarah about her involvement with seth’s rehabilitation process. i get it, he’s concerned. he has seen her hurt many times by this man. she stone walls him. bravo. she has made her decision and she sticking to it. had i pulled that stunt on peter back in the day there would’ve been hell to pay. i would probably do it today but i would be quaking in my boots secretly, and taking shots of vodka to keep calm.

over at Adam’s place, Kristina is losing her shit. she is trying so hard to keep the family close that for all her hard work, she’s only succeeding in pushing them further. her effort to put together a breakfast for the entire brood is thwarted by everyone else’s chaotic morning schedule. who plans a student council meeting before school? (granted, i didn’t do student govt so maybe this is normal?) adam should’ve set a better example and sat down to breakfast instead of hauling ass to work. then FF to them heading out for family fun night, only for Kristina to go ape and leave them all in the street because they were all being bitches. it would’ve been better had it been actually cold or raining. serve those assholes right.

julia, being julia, comes across coffee girl chowing the eff down on sushi for breakfast. weird but i can’t fault cravings. whatever. i know there’re studies about how raw fish is bad for pregnant women, mercury in fish blah blah blah. but japanese women have been doing it for a while. i don’t know the stats or anything tho so i could be am talking out my ass. i liked that julia realized that she was messing up but stood firm on addressing the diet issue. there are good intentions behind her actions and i appreciated that.

my favorite part of the episode was mark. sarah had to cancel, last-minute, on their date. he was understanding, seth had a therapy Thing she wanted to attend. but he put his foot down. and damn did it resonate. she can’t keep cancelling on him last-minute like that. he let her know that it was not cool. which made him all the more cool in my eyes. yes. and the way he looks at her? how can she not see that? when he asks if seth is something he should worry about it and she answers in the negative, there is that foreboding feeling; that shit is going to hit the fan and tho he is just the bystander, he’ll be getting the most of it.

the whole seth thing does not sit well with me. it makes me uncomfortable in that it does hit close to home. she is saving him. she is there for him. he is comes off as entitled, spoiled, i guess how someone with a disease like alcoholism is like. i don’t like how it bodes for sarah and her relationship with Mark, or for the kids.

last, crosby and jasmine. i want to punch her. that’s basically it. she’s moved on, and kinda sorta is rubbing it in Crosby’s face. fine. it happens. doesn’t mean i have to agree with it.