Parenthood – Mr. Honesty

i know, i’m late. i’m running in circles right now… recovering from being on the road all month (i have decreed the month of December as a no travel month, as well as a no-plans-no-matter-what-despite-birthdays-and-holidays month, fuck you & your madre. leave me alone.)

i could go back into my archives to figure out if i reviewed the episode before but i probably didn’t and i don’t care.

all i know is last week’s episode where adam tells kristina about his rainy kiss with rachel the receptionist spawned a long-winded discussion with $5wordGuy*, resulting in me screaming out: “am i right OR AM I RIGHT?!”

i like adam braverman. i get why rachel digs him. he’s an upstanding guy, older, mature, handsome, all that stuff and more. he is a nice guy, someone who is easy to talk to, someone you can rely on. this is why his siblings and parents go to him to talk, he is usually the voice of reason, which is why it is mix ludicrous and believable that only shit like what happened last night could happen to him, and only to him.

for the record, i was on the team for adam to NOT tell kristina about the kiss. it meant nothing, nothing happened from it. no harm, no foul. but once he told her, i supported him. (that sounded weird, you know what i mean). he felt the need to be honest with her, to not hide anything. fine. the way she reacted was so real, (perfect performance by monica potter) and their interaction so palpable that i felt uncomfortable watching. he was a bubbling mess, tripping over his words to get his side of the story out, and she, with her emotions all over the place, her hurt, her anger all just coming out. i can only imagine what was going on in her head.

that relationship wasn’t the only drama. julia and joel effectively lose the chance on whats her face’s baby because the baby daddy wants money. it’s not enough that they’re covering her medical bills, because it’s not enough for him. the way they handled it was correct, and i am so glad they weren’t going to go the buying-a-child route.

i still can’t stand jasmine and just cus she & crosby shared sexy time after a single glass of red wine doesn’t mean anything. it just means that this week one of them, or both, will feel remorse and confused.

i also cannot stand sarah but the way she tried to school amber on budgeting was on point. she was actually being a mother.


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