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some of my facebook friends are idiots

i am not the most political person. i barely pay attention to the campaigns. i was raised in a republican household but living overseas and seeing the stuff i saw, i lean towards the other end of the spectrum. i see both sides. neither are right, and neither are wrong. i don’t talk politics with random people but facebook sure does give people the platform to talk out their asses. come election time, i will either have to block these people from my feed or defriend them.

asinine housewife of TX

united states of jackasses


thirty four

My sweet, my love, my beautiful,

Happy birthday to you. May every day be full of joy and happiness, but
today most of all. This 34th anniversary of your birth should be a
celebration not only of what you have accomplished and enjoyed until
this day, but a time to think of all of the wonderful things that your
future holds. May all of your dreams come true, and all of your
troubles be forgotten.

I am overwhelmingly honored to share this day, this month, this year with you.

All my love,

go on. make a wish.

exactly one year ago. i have not forgotten to tend to my heart. and now devin is my heart.