what to say

i am two days back from a massive overseas trip to the motherland: vietnam. i was just asked by the ceo if it was an emotional trip for me. slightly weird question methinks but then i look on the flipside and i guess for folks who are returning “home” it would be. so you can take that as no, i did not get emotional. i, did, however, feel other things whilst on this trip:

+exasperated: everyone from my father to fellow blog friends warned me of impending doom if i was careless with my purse, or to avoid fresh veggies as the water system is sketchy and getting the trots is not fun. there was always this sense of negativity, it felt like a black cloud over my head most days.

+disgusted: pollution is bad. and the men smoke like their lives depend on it. they smoke everywhere. in the streets. in the house. at the dinner table, sometimes between courses. gross.

+amazed: here in america families load up into minivans. not in vietnam. they get on motorcycles. the dad. the mom. the kid. the BABY. yeah.

who needs a minivan?

+cornered: there is a lack of respect for space, or maintaining an orderly line. i thought i was going to have to elbow a man out of my way as i stood in line at the airport. his cart was pressed against my ankle and despite my evil glare he was not budging.

+jipped: there are two sets of pricing in vietnam – for the foreigners and for the locals. menus rarely showed pricing, and don’t be surprised if you’re charged for stuff like napkins. tho our most expensive meal, which consisted of only seafood, came to about $30US, the next table over with a family of 8 probably paid half what our tab was.

+awed: vietnam is a beautiful country that is try very hard to catch up in the tourism race. it’s both sad to see areas that were obviously untouched for so long but are now being developed by overseas construction companies, but it’s heartening to see any kind of development at all.

+humbled: my vietnamese is awful. if i were a better person i’d try to better it. i’m not.

+exhausted: i told dw that the next major trip we make will be stateside. there are far too many states, within driving distance, that i have yet to see.

beach in nha trang

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