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another ridiculous FB status

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the other FB status post.

ps. don’t judge that i follow giada…


love is all i am

i’m a fairly constant person, predictable. my friends tend to leave notes or wall postings on facebook of music videos, food blogs, political articles or fashion pix that they think i might like. 9/10 times they’re spot on. my friend john emailed me last week to tell me about this band and ever since i’ve had this song on cd-scratching repeat.

instagram killed the dSLR star

instagram became available for android users last week. i have been on an instagram rage ever since. my dSLR has been put on the wayside. these are just some of the snaps. it’s getting out of control.

wrong number

sometimes when i get a random text or call from a number i don’t know i flip out a little inside. for awhile there, Princess* would call and text LATE AT NIGHT after we broke up, like it’s appropriate and grown up or something. as a result, i am always wary when i see an unknown number on my phone.

on Wednesday i participated in a random text conversation with someone i thought was a friend:

Random #: Hey
Me: who is this?
Random #: Tyaira gurl!
Me: What up booooooo!
Random #: nufin much u home
Me: no. 30 more minutes then a hair appt. you can hit me up at xyz@gmail or fb.
Random #: ard {sic} hw long is it goin to take
Me: hair? hour?
Random #: caus i wanted u to cme ova lata
Me: oh wait. i think you have the wrong person
Random #: oh wait who is dis
Me: Lan. i thought you were my friend Tierra
Random #: Oh my bad i though u were my frinn Lanya

i should’ve known that Tierra doesn’t sound like a teenager in real life, there’s no way she’d text like one.

Moral of the story tho: i’ll text back & forth ghetto-style all day, any day with a stranger than deal with the crying ons of an ex.

unabashedly flirting

in 8th grade i was voted biggest flirt. this alarmed me. as a result, in 12th grade i was voted most likely to get published. in college i admit to being a little wild, more laid back and certainly freer with my affection. i had never held hands with a boy before, it was a revelation! my behavior could never be labeled as loose but it certainly bothered Princess*. when we were together, he objected to me talking to any guy, friend or stranger. it is a wonder i stayed with him for as long as i did.

i don’t think i flirt too horribly, but it sure is nice to have a man find me attractive. dw tells me everyday that i am beautiful, and i love it. sometimes, to hear it from someone else gives me a little thrill. unlike before, i do not feel guilty about this. and somehow, when i tell dw about this, i don’t see him going off the handle & making me feel like a cheap ass hooker.

oh steamy penthouse note.