wrong number

sometimes when i get a random text or call from a number i don’t know i flip out a little inside. for awhile there, Princess* would call and text LATE AT NIGHT after we broke up, like it’s appropriate and grown up or something. as a result, i am always wary when i see an unknown number on my phone.

on Wednesday i participated in a random text conversation with someone i thought was a friend:

Random #: Hey
Me: who is this?
Random #: Tyaira gurl!
Me: What up booooooo!
Random #: nufin much u home
Me: no. 30 more minutes then a hair appt. you can hit me up at xyz@gmail or fb.
Random #: ard {sic} hw long is it goin to take
Me: hair? hour?
Random #: caus i wanted u to cme ova lata
Me: oh wait. i think you have the wrong person
Random #: oh wait who is dis
Me: Lan. i thought you were my friend Tierra
Random #: Oh my bad i though u were my frinn Lanya

i should’ve known that Tierra doesn’t sound like a teenager in real life, there’s no way she’d text like one.

Moral of the story tho: i’ll text back & forth ghetto-style all day, any day with a stranger than deal with the crying ons of an ex.


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