Live Your Great Story

i love a great story. i’d like to live a Great Story.

  1. count the stars in the country. this country. your country. any country.
  2. read the heart is a lonely hunter.
  3. meet keanu reeves.
  4. visit Spain.
  5. see vietnam again. take the train from hanoi to saigon.
  6. meet bio mom.
  7. meet matt nathanson
  8. two words: new ink.
  9. make this, or something like it.
  10. get published. for something. in something.
  11. walk in the desert of Egypt & visit the pyramids.
  12. have a mille-feuille in paris.
  13. belly dance in Morocco.
  14. have straight teeth.
  15. cross country road trip, twice already, with a possible 3rd time.
  16. sit in a field of purple freesia in Ireland.
  17. see Sugarland in concert.
  18. learn stick shift.
  19. learn how to change a tire.
  20. crochet an adult-size blanket.
  21. learn how to make croissants.
  22. do the splits.
  23. sky dive. just once.
  24. try out for the Amazing Race or Survivor.
  25. shit. try out for Jeopardy!
  26. become financially literate: be a master of my finances & not vice versa.
  27. love someone, supremely. with every fiber of my being.
  28. run a half marathon. shit, i’d be happy with just a 5K.
  29. learn another language, conversationally. i’ll add sign language to possible languages.
  30. go on a cruise.
  31. experience Montana.
  32. milk a cow.
  33. have a bay window, complete with cushioned seats & view.
  34. own a complete Le Creuset set. in red.
  35. indulge in a full body massage.
  36. witness something major in the sky.
  37. learn to say “I heart you” in 12 languages. {12 for my lucky number}
  38. dye my hair an unnatural color.
  39. donate my hair. growing out again for Round 2.
  40. do volunteer work at a hospice or retirement home.
  41. visit alaska.
  42. be a good sister. a good cousin. a good friend. a good lover.
  43. go whale watching (& not puke this time). maybe even swim with them.
  44. learn a Yiruma song on the piano.
  45. vacation alone.
  46. learn how to ride a unicycle.
  47. backpack thru India.
  48. master the souffle.
  49. join the peace corps.
  50. participate in an archeology dig.
  51. see U2 in concert.
  52. go to Hogwarts.
  53. visit the Shire.
  54. complete all the bikram poses without wanting to vomit my guts out.
  55. be seranaded.
  56. learn how to can properly.
  57. have tea in London.
  58. enjoy lobster in Maine.
  59. see the cherry blossoms. in Japan.
  60. take a knife skills class.
  61. go to Burning Man.
  62. go peach picking. in Georgia.
  63. watch the sun set in Napa Valley.
  64. have an aggressive bathroom encounter.
  65. sleep under the stars.
  66. go full on vegetarian for 30 days.
  67. visit Israel.
  68. learn how to quilt.
  69. adopt an elephant, locally and/or internationally.
  70. skip on a hill in austria and sing scream: “the hills are alive with the sound of music.”
  71. plant a successful garden.
  72. winter cabin retreat.
  73. ice skate. on a frozen over lake/pond.
  74. spend time in Russia. specifically see where the last czar and his family lived.
  75. attend a UFC match.
  76. take an art class, be it pottery, painting or sculpting. or glass blowing.
  77. crochet a pair of socks.
  78. crochet a sweater.
  79. another piercing. i’m thinking nose.
  80. fall asleep on a hammock. at the end of a pier/dock.
  81. have the relationship of my heart.
  82. venice, italy. gondola ride.
  83. bake bread. perfectly.
  84. host a successful dinner party, just because, cook/bake every.single.morsel.
  85. host a successful dinner party, just because, and cater it in.
  86. be an extra in a movie.
  87. conquer the great wall of china.
  88. summer cabin retreat.
  89. see madonna in concert.
  90. donate blood.
  91. build a piece of furniture from scratch. like jesus.
  92. finish a 1000-piece puzzle.
  93. vote. have a voice.
  94. get my portrait done.
  95. design my most perfect kitchen.
  96. design my most perfect bedroom.
  97. participate in a baking contest.
  98. learn CPR.
  99. plant a tree.
  100. learn gun safety & how to shoot one properly & accurately.
  101. dance in the street, under the streetlight.
  102. dance in the street, under the streetlight & actually have feelings for that person.


this is a work in progress.


3 responses to “Live Your Great Story

  1. I got to go through this list. Too fun. More later..

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