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a political education

oh the humanity

i despair sometimes when i think about the reading/writing level of our fellow citizens.

my AP english teacher would’ve failed me if i had told him to google any points i made in a thesis. (not to mention the assclown argument that was made originally.)


another ridiculous FB status

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the other FB status post.

ps. don’t judge that i follow giada…

unabashedly flirting

in 8th grade i was voted biggest flirt. this alarmed me. as a result, in 12th grade i was voted most likely to get published. in college i admit to being a little wild, more laid back and certainly freer with my affection. i had never held hands with a boy before, it was a revelation! my behavior could never be labeled as loose but it certainly bothered Princess*. when we were together, he objected to me talking to any guy, friend or stranger. it is a wonder i stayed with him for as long as i did.

i don’t think i flirt too horribly, but it sure is nice to have a man find me attractive. dw tells me everyday that i am beautiful, and i love it. sometimes, to hear it from someone else gives me a little thrill. unlike before, i do not feel guilty about this. and somehow, when i tell dw about this, i don’t see him going off the handle & making me feel like a cheap ass hooker.

oh steamy penthouse note.

some of my facebook friends are idiots

i am not the most political person. i barely pay attention to the campaigns. i was raised in a republican household but living overseas and seeing the stuff i saw, i lean towards the other end of the spectrum. i see both sides. neither are right, and neither are wrong. i don’t talk politics with random people but facebook sure does give people the platform to talk out their asses. come election time, i will either have to block these people from my feed or defriend them.

asinine housewife of TX

united states of jackasses