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love is all i am

i’m a fairly constant person, predictable. my friends tend to leave notes or wall postings on facebook of music videos, food blogs, political articles or fashion pix that they think i might like. 9/10 times they’re spot on. my friend john emailed me last week to tell me about this band and ever since i’ve had this song on cd-scratching repeat.


u2 360 ~ Life List

photo courtesy of nancy*

i saw U2 last week and it was epic. i was one of 80K people who descended on M&T Bank Stadium. it was a muggy, unforgivingly hot night. and it was fantastic. my seats were not bad and tho i was not seated when the camera panned out, i was able to find the general area. they played songs i hadn’t heard since high school. i knew i had to hear One, as it is my Top 12 songs of all time. i figured they’d play their joshua tree hits and i wasn’t disappointed. as i was walking out of the stadium (my friends had left prior to the encore to evade the mad rush on the trains) they sang With Or Without You, which was a bummer to miss but i could hear him crooning all the way out in the street as i hailed my cab. my highlight of the night tho? when they busted out Stay (Faraway, So Close). this was my jam junior year in high school.

matt nathanson: modern love

i don’t have a rating system but going by the generic 5 star rating, i would rate this album 4/5.

to be clear, i am not a music critic. i don’t know much about music, in regards to theory, lyrics, history, in fact, i’m tone-deaf but i know what i like. rest assured, i am good at that.

this album came out today but being the huge matt nathanson fan that i am, i’ve been streaming it for a week now. i love it. but i’m not such a fan that i don’t have some critiques for it.

i have to say that i liked each song individually, they’re catchy. but as a whole, i liked Some Mad Hope better. there’s an overall tone to this new album that does not capture the desperate magic his 2007 offering did. this new album is polished, it has studio quality vibes that is not necessarily bad but what drew me to Nathanson in the first place was his almost studied indifference to the mainstream, while at the same time, an undercurrent of desire to be accepted by what he so carefully rejected.

this newest offering is definitely a step into the mainstream. in the last few years, he’s partnered up with definite successful acts, like sugarland and OAR, while still doing smaller venues and opening for smaller groups like Jack’s Mannequin… this strategic move appealed to his longtime fans who’ve seen him in small coffee shops & college stages while still broadening his audience to include country folk & rockers. smart. planned. this summer he opens for Train & Maroon5. i’ve said it before, i am hopeful that he’ll tour alone in support of this album, 20 minute opening sets are not enough, and super secret shows are competitive to get tickets for.

about the album itself, it unfurls like a novel, each song building up for the next. the basic premise is love and relationships and how it fits or doesn’t fit in today’s world. this man is on point with how timely this album is. i realize that the world does not revolve around me but in this last year, i’ve delved into online dating, found love thru it, dealt with the obstacles that the internet and cell phones has thrown at me, all while still maintaining the relationships i have already with others and with myself. jesus, this man touches on all that, while still impeccably capturing it all thru his songwriting. he has a gift of writing in the moment, he’s not afraid to croon and wail and let it all bare. i dig that about him. and when he performs, it’s like he’s singing these same songs, nevermind that he probably did it the night before and before and before, for the first time and you’re privy to witness & experience it with him.

my favorite tracks are Modern Love and Run. So we stumble/we disconnect/Over and over again/This modern love/Is not enough. how fucking truth is that? Run is a collaboration with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles who is amazing. it captures a bit of the essence of Come On, Get Higher, that sexy smoldering sway that pulls & tugs at you, making you want to basically screw all night.

yeah. so this video is from his super secret show i saw in Vienna, VA. enjoy.

3+ shows

in the last 8 days i’ve been to three shows, one of which was a life lister and the last was a childhood dream.

1. Sugarland, Matt Nathanson & Little Big Town at Merriweather Post Pavilion. worth the $200 i dropped. that Jennifer Nettles. her voice just sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out, leaving you overwhelmed and panting for more.
2. Matt Nathanson’s super secret special show in Vienna, VA. i sat in traffic for over 2 hours, after a day long golf tournament for work, for this man and it was worth every drop of sweat. there is sad part to the story: i was driving behind the venue with my cousin kim looking for parking and who do i see get out of his rental truck? the man i would be willing to spawn for. i fangirled like it was my J.O.B. but i looked a hot tranny mess and i was not about to introduce myself to him looking like that. i have crazy ass hope that in the next year or so as he’s touring to promote his album i’ll have more chances to meet him. until then, i whimpered and squealed in my car.
3. New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys. i was in 6th grade when i first Donnie Wahlberg. i crushed on him. seeing him in bejeweled celtics jersey sunday night… well… thank gawd he has a seemingly thriving acting career. this was my 2nd time seeing BSB (don’t judge me). it was a great show. they’re not kids or little boys anymore but they still have appeal.

i’ve one more concert in the works this year: U2, another life lister. i do hope to make it to more shows this year, notably the Zack Brown Band, but we’ll see.

i kinda sweat her...

finding my phish or dead

it should be no surprise when i say that i am a¬†huge matt nathanson fan. the name of this blog is his 2007 album. i have it inked on my wrist. his newest album, Modern Love drops june 21st. he’s beein touring extensively for a 2007 album, can you imagine how much touring he’ll be doing for the new one???

he’s opening for sugarland this spring, i bought VIP tickets for their show on sunday. he’s touring with maroon5 and train this summer, but nowhere close to MD. atlanta and louisville might be options but it depends on timing. i missed his Philly and NYC secret shows — i missed the philly show email announcement by an hour and tix were sold out! i was sorely disappointed.

last night at approximately 7:34pm i received a notice that he was having a secret show on monday in northern viriginia — a part of the country that i loathe to have to go to. 3 minutes later, computer booted up, i’m furiously trying to buy tickets. denied. $5wordGuy* tried on his computer, on a different browser. my friend Nancy was trying on her computer. i ranted on FB. i railed against the injustice of it all. but at 8:06pm, after much cussing and persistence, i was succesful in logging in and i now have in my possession 2 tickets to this super secret show.

vindication was mine! i feel sorry for $5wordGuy* as he will witness me act a fool for another man. i told him, some people have phish or the grateful dead that they follow. BigK follws dave mathews band. i have matt nathanson.