Parenthood: Forced Family Fun

Parenthood is perplexing for me. the characters that are portrayed are nothing like what i know of a family unit. they are everything that i always assumed white people were like behind closed doors tho. what’s confusing is that i find myself identifying with some and being absolutely infuriated by others.

moral of the story: people of every color are jacked and families are crazy.

last night’s episode once again highlighted how utterly different i was raised.

the main braverman household: Zeek attempted once again to talk to sarah about her involvement with seth’s rehabilitation process. i get it, he’s concerned. he has seen her hurt many times by this man. she stone walls him. bravo. she has made her decision and she sticking to it. had i pulled that stunt on peter back in the day there would’ve been hell to pay. i would probably do it today but i would be quaking in my boots secretly, and taking shots of vodka to keep calm.

over at Adam’s place, Kristina is losing her shit. she is trying so hard to keep the family close that for all her hard work, she’s only succeeding in pushing them further. her effort to put together a breakfast for the entire brood is thwarted by everyone else’s chaotic morning schedule. who plans a student council meeting before school? (granted, i didn’t do student govt so maybe this is normal?) adam should’ve set a better example and sat down to breakfast instead of hauling ass to work. then FF to them heading out for family fun night, only for Kristina to go ape and leave them all in the street because they were all being bitches. it would’ve been better had it been actually cold or raining. serve those assholes right.

julia, being julia, comes across coffee girl chowing the eff down on sushi for breakfast. weird but i can’t fault cravings. whatever. i know there’re studies about how raw fish is bad for pregnant women, mercury in fish blah blah blah. but japanese women have been doing it for a while. i don’t know the stats or anything tho so i could be am talking out my ass. i liked that julia realized that she was messing up but stood firm on addressing the diet issue. there are good intentions behind her actions and i appreciated that.

my favorite part of the episode was mark. sarah had to cancel, last-minute, on their date. he was understanding, seth had a therapy Thing she wanted to attend. but he put his foot down. and damn did it resonate. she can’t keep cancelling on him last-minute like that. he let her know that it was not cool. which made him all the more cool in my eyes. yes. and the way he looks at her? how can she not see that? when he asks if seth is something he should worry about it and she answers in the negative, there is that foreboding feeling; that shit is going to hit the fan and tho he is just the bystander, he’ll be getting the most of it.

the whole seth thing does not sit well with me. it makes me uncomfortable in that it does hit close to home. she is saving him. she is there for him. he is comes off as entitled, spoiled, i guess how someone with a disease like alcoholism is like. i don’t like how it bodes for sarah and her relationship with Mark, or for the kids.

last, crosby and jasmine. i want to punch her. that’s basically it. she’s moved on, and kinda sorta is rubbing it in Crosby’s face. fine. it happens. doesn’t mean i have to agree with it.


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